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* 67% of females would choose an average looking and built male with a big penis over a HOT looking man with an average penis.

I would always feel small penis humiliation especially around pretty girls, I fantasized that they knew how small my penis was and would verbally tease and humiliate me about it.Later she told me she chose me as her study partner, because she wasn’t attracted to me and I wouldn’t distract her from studying. Another day we were studying and it was her birthday, there were cards taped to the window in her dorm room and a balloon bouquet. I stood up to take my clothes off and she said, no, I had to keep my clothes on.One time we were studying in her dorm room, and I happened to see a vibrator laying out on her bedside table, when she noticed I had noticed, she told me to close my eyes and I heard a drawer open as she put it away. The balloons had helium in them, so after we were done studying, she suggested we inhale the helium and make our voices sound funny. I hadn’t gotten anything for her birthday and I felt a little guilty, so I offered to do anything she wanted. She pulled off her jeans and panties and left her top on.She acted miffed at the Prof and accused him of not believing in her passion for those books and authors. Eventually, I began to last longer, but only if I distracted myself by thinking about math formulas. Unfortunately, I was a senior and she was a sophomore.The Prof couldn’t prove anything, but said he would be keeping his eyes on her. But at least the paper bought me another chance at being an anal toy. The vibrator was humming in her pussy and I could feel it right thru to her ass, and it was just too much, I spurted. Usually, she would berate me with some type of verbal small penis humiliation, like call me a tiny cock loser. So when I graduated, my ‘fucking’ future looked bleak.

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