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If Peus was working for her, why launch a drone attack to strike back after Luna is named vice-president?

How would Luna know Mellie would draft her for the VP slot? After Olivia and Jake corner Luna and force her to commit suicide, Olivia confronts Cyrus with the other part of her theory.

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Removing a tracking chip is like pulling a piece of spinach out of her teeth.) Olivia gets a call from Maya while she’s on the inauguration dais, by which point Olivia and the gang have concluded that Maya is the assassin, not the client.Mellie and Fitz are ready to take a victory lap, having successfully transferred power from one Grant administration to the next.But Olivia can’t let go while the person behind the whole plot continues to evade justice.After a deduction montage, Olivia figures out that the person responsible for all of this is none other than Luna Vargas, the wife of Frankie Vargas and Mellie’s pick for vice-president.Look, has pulled off some pretty incredible twists in the past, but this one got away.

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