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Explain to her that a stranger is anybody she doesn't know.

You can point out examples on a typical day, for example, a man at the supermarket or a woman in the park.

It's very confusing for children: people who work in shops are 'strangers', yet they are supposed to go to them for help; on the other hand surely not all family friends (or even family) can be trusted with a child - I'm sure there are certain uncles or friend's dads you feel uncomfortable about.

I would avoid the whole 'stranger' terminology, as it is very confusing for children - once someone's given them their name, they're not really a stranger anymore.

Go over dos and don'ts Create some rules with your child about how to deal with strangers.

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Start with basic safety Before trying to teach your preschooler about strangers, have a chat about general safety first.

When you go out, ask her to stay close and to hold your hand in crowded places.

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