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Over the years, I have seen IMVU make many changes and continue to change for the better.

IMVU is great in many ways and myself have learned a lot from it.

I don't think that this is site for children at all!!!!

I am a mature woman, having fun, playing dress up with pixel dolls and laughing at the silliness of it all. if you don't want your child exposed to internet dangers then don't have an internet connection. I think that it is really up to you to decided what is right for you.I think that if people are being taken advantage of on this site, its due to their own stupidity.My daughter is Internetpro and she is right this website includes Sex and this website is for no meer child to get close up to this website down right horrbile P.s my daughter wrote this but this is what i thought My 11yo daughter got on this site without permission.PARENTS NEED TO WATCH WHAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE DOING INSTEAD OF JUST LETTING THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT.PARENTS THESE DAYS DON' T WORRY TO MUCH ABOUT WHAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE DOING ON THE COMPUTER ANYMORE OR DON' T UNDERSTAND HOW TO SET PARENTAL CONTROLS ON THEIR COMPUTERS.

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