Dating game 1960 s photo

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But, according to Daran Little, one of the soap’s writers and the man who scripted The Road To Coro­nation Street, ‘Bill couldn’t pronounce it in a pilot, so it was decided to change the name’.

‘So I’d do a scene as Dad in 1960, with my hair slicked down, the jum­per and shirt and slacks.But, as chronicled in the BBC drama,when it was first broadcast, the show was edgy, gritty, even a little scandalous.The brassy Elsie Tanner, a woman whose husband had left her and who wasn’t averse to ‘gentleman callers’, was one of several strong female characters who would come to define The Street.Only Manchester-born Lynda Baron, who plays Violet Carson, the actress behind the formidable Ena Sharples, can boast true Northern heritage.Former East Ender Jessie Wallace stars as Pat Phoenix, the Street’s Elsie Tanner; Scot Celia Imrie is Doris Speed, the actress behind The Rovers Return’s first landlady, Annie Walker; and ­Londoner James Roache plays his own father, the show’s longest-running cast member, Bill Roache, who has played Ken Barlow for the past 50 years.

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