Apps in itunes not updating

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If so, consider doing a little more research, so both you and they can make informed decisions about using them.Also, take care to check the age restrictions listed by most apps before downloading. You will be prompted to set-up a passcode and then you can choose what they can access on their own and what they’ll need you to enter the passcode to access. This is an instant messenger/social networking hybrid.A child can send an anonymous message of up to 200 characters and then using GPS, the message can be read by the nearest 500 other people using the app.No images with this one, but it still has gained in popularity quickly and has become a powerful tool for bullying and sexual content.This app allows kids to send private messages that can be very difficult for parents to access or which can be easily deleted.Since photos are involved, there is considerable opportunity for children to be exposed to inappropriate images.As one would expect with anything that has video capabilities, explicit material is abundantly available and not hard for children to stumble upon.There has also been a trend of teens sharing videos of fights at school.

The apps will often appear as an innocuous app on your child’s phone and can even be disguised as a calculator or some other simple tool.

Again, because kids are online when using it, they are open to anyone who wants to try and connect with them.

This is yet another app with picture sharing capabilities as well, making it appealing for both cyber bullying and sexually oriented interaction.

However, should the recipient grab a screen shot of the picture, it is now a permanent image that could easily be shared with others.

Most children won’t think about the possibility of the screen shot and may be tempted to take risks sending things that they think will no longer exist after 10 seconds.

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