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Earlier this year, the company wound down its Steam Greenlight service that let users vote on which games they wanted to see appear on Steam, replacing it with Steam Direct.

This allows anybody to submit a game to the store if they pony up $US100 (0).

Ryuvscloud does not appear to have a web presence outside a private Steam account that lists no contact information. When the game, which is a visual novel story with a thin plot about thievery that's a setup for some very aggressive and extremely explicit sex scenes, was removed from Steam, the studio didn't patch it, and just released a new, similarly explicit, game a month later.

Moreover, it doesn't seem too interested in the fate of its games: After some were removed, the studio's Steam forums were full of confusion about what happened and if the games would be coming back. The developer behind , a point-and-click adventure set on a farm where strange things (and also sex) are happening, does have a Patreon, but otherwise makes itself difficult to contact directly.

Valve checks the game out to make sure it maintains a baseline of functionality, but it seems to be an extremely low bar.

So while Valve technically doesn't allow explicit pornography, there did not seem to be any checks to prevent it: Many games have been posted, then taken down, rather than prevented from going up in the first place.

Despite how at-odds with Steam's guidelines these games might seem, the developers' presence on the Internet exists primarily, sometimes entirely, within Steam's ecosystem.

Valve did not respond to series display bare breasts, but characters still wear underwear that can only be removed via uncensor patches.You could even jerk yourself off in front of people, if you wanted.After this was brought to Valve's attention, the game was temporarily yanked from Steam, with Valve asking the developer Eek to censor or remove the explicit parts before it could be re-uploaded.One month after releasing Some porn games have tried a different tack: Put uncensored game on Steam, wait for it to be taken down, re-upload a version that censors all of the explicit content, and then provide a link in a Steam news update to an "uncensor patch" that removes the censorship.As of this week, though, it seems like that's no longer allowed.

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