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It was utilized as a reconnaissance platform, bomber, submarine killer, liaison transport and as an Air Sea Rescue aircraft, plucking downed aviators from the despair of a ditching.The big twin-engined aircraft was first designed as a pure flying boat, capable of operating solely from water.The Consolidated PBY, in both its Catalina and Canso iterations, was one of the most versatile aircraft of the Second World War.The American-designed flying boat was first developed as a patrol bomber for the defence of American coastlines and the far-flung island archipelagos of the Pacific Ocean.Photo: Loomis Dean, LIFE Magazine While Convair factory pilots and Southern California Aircraft Corp.’s President Glenn Odekirk (left) discuss the day’s flight, activities and photo shoot, an arriving model does her own walk around of the Landseaire she will soon board.

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The second group was taken in 1995 by expatriate Ken Stanford, an amateur photographer who, while working in Saudi Arabia, photographed a crumbling, bullet ridden wreck of a PBY Catalina rotting on a beach in Arabia where the Gulf of Aqaba opens into the Red Sea.But little has been heard of special aircraft being produced for the people at the other end of the scale—those who have come up on the treble chance or who are still one jump ahead of the tax collector.It is thus with pleasure that I pass on details of some good work being done to rectify this sad state of affairs by Glenn E.We can just see the Convair sign on the factory in the background.Consolidated Aircraft and later Convair had their headquarters situated in San Diego, California at the edge of Lindbergh Field.

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